A number of people experience one of the following three life situations:

1) The realisation of being trapped in a full-time job that fails to make ends meet. The sad part is that because there is no other clear money generating idea in mind you continue to work all day just to see an increase in your debt.

2) You draw on all your courage and savings to start your own business with dreams of making it big one day. You soon find that most businesses require a regular stream of investments before becoming profitable. All you can do is shut shop and go back to a full-time job that swallows up all your time but pays you less than your basic expenses.

3) You keep changing jobs and always live in fear of the next day, about how you will pay the money you owe to others, your family’s food bill, your child’s school fee, etc.

You can change all this in just a few days time and actually start making some extra money.

You see one of the vital rules of life is that all those frightening things in life; like money problems, bad health, and personal problems become worse if you keep thinking about them all the time.

In short, the things you resist with maximum force; persist with equal intensity in your life.

Also remember that solutions to most of life’s problems are simple things that anyone can do.

The important question is, what must you do in case you find yourself in one of the above stated situation?

I would like to share with you a step by step method of arriving at a solution to similar problems I faced in life not long ago.

the first thing you must do is to stop thinking in terms of your problems, instead start focusing on solutions to your problems.

# Take a writing pad and make a note of all your major problems in detail.

# Next make a list of all possible solutions to your problem. Write down every solution that comes to your mind, even if it seems too simple and obvious or too difficult to do.

# Now go over your list and strike off the ideas which seem least workable. Now start working on each of the ideas remaining on your list, one at a time. Once you are certain that one of the ideas from your list is workable and has the potential to lift you out of your pit of troubles, do the following:

# Learn everything you can about this idea which will provide you a solution to your problem.
# Implement the idea/ solution as soon as you can and keep working at it regularly.
# In case you get stuck somewhere down the line, do not hesitate to ask for help.

That’s it! It’s actually that simple.

In case your problem is lack of money to meet your growing expenses, just make a list of all the part-time work opportunities you can think of doing and then focus on just one or two out of your list.

It is always a good idea to start with an idea that has been around for a few years, and has provided others with opportunities to earn extra money working part-time, because that’s exactly what you want.

You could start a simple online money-making activity on the internet like taking paid surveys or join one of the many online advertising businesses or else write articles as a number of websites need articles all the time.

These are a few simple and easy types of online work that you can do to start earning some extra money in your spare time and the best part is that this type of work is easily available. There are a large number of people across the globe earning some good money from paid survey work, writing articles and other similar online work.

So just don’t keep thinking about your money problem instead look for solutions.

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